Zhejiang Huafon ESS Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Huafon ESS”) is invested and established by one of China’s top 500 enterprises Huafon Group, which represents a firm strategic step forward in new energy industry for Huafon Group. Huafon ESS is dedicated to making energy safer, more efficient, and cleaner. We strive to build an intelligent platform for integrated-energy operation services, empowering the future of clean energy through the combination of Internet and new energy tech. We provide dynamic integration of in-house smart devices and self-developed AI operation software platform - the Huafon Moose Cloud Platform. Meanwhile, with relentless big data analysis from our platform, we are able to meet customers’ needs in all scenarios and improve customer experience significantly.
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Recently, after rigorous testing and shipment inspection, Huafon energy storage industrial & commercial ESS
(30KW/90KWH, 100KW/100KWH) have been successfully shipped to Japan. After the project is put into production, it will be mainly used for emergency power backup, peak-valley arbitrage, etc. While meeting customers' power needs, it can improve the reliability of power supply and bring long-term and stable multiple values to customers.
Latest news